A future-focused way to design, build & collaborate.


We develop visually

We believe that designing and developing visually gives a greater opportunity to tell a nuanced, compelling story. Our approach allows us to share our design process, iterate rapidly and respond to user feedback with interactive prototypes. Unlike traditional development, we are able to prioritise design whilst working at a rapid pace, without comprising on the quality of our outputs.


Hyper Agile

We combine the principles of agile product design: live prototyping, feedback, and iteration, with the power of visual development tools. This allows us to work rapidly and in tandem with the changing needs of customers working in dynamic and fast moving industries. It is this working style that lets us bring as much value as possible to start-ups and SME's championing disruptive technologies.


Narrative driven

Storytelling is the backbone of communication. We help you tell your story with copywriting, visual design and digital interactions. Whether it's telling the story of COVID - 19 testing, or articulating the benefits of a human-centric phone-launcher, we excel at helping you express your brand and connect with customers.


Part of your team

The best results come from collaboration, mutual respect and open sharing. We use industry-leading collaborative tools to work efficiently and flexibly with your creative team from anywhere in the world. Whether you are a team of one or sixty, we collaborate with our clients to provide support, ideas, and creative solutions to help them grow.


Design for Good

We see design as a tool to shape the world around us for the better. Whether it's looking after the planet or each other, we work on projects we believe in; from smarter mental health management to accessible COVID-19 testing.

Don't just take our word for it:

“Working with the Hyper Modern team was an honest pleasure. Steve approached our work like a true partner. They delivered exceptional work, transparently and collaboratively. I looked forward to our meetings together, because they felt a bit like Christmas... You'd always be surprised and pleased with the work that they delivered.”

- Michael Evans, co-founder, Before Labs

“It was great working with Steve, we worked on a platform that needed an extra stretch and he was keen to explore the best options for us as we worked collaboratively to finish the project, exchanging valuable insights and knowledge.”

- Omran Al Habbal, CEO Gladington

"Steve was efficient and effective and really made us think about what we do and what our clients value in us. The rebrand went well beyond a mere re-spray of the website."

- Chris Wright, CEO LCWW