We are a small & mighty design collective on a mission to help innovative businesses make a positive impact

We believe that there is a better way to design and build for the modern web. We combine cutting edge tools with a content first approach to deliver unbelievable quality at break-neck speed.

We make things simple,
fast and flexible

We know that our client's worlds are fast moving. Over the years we have honed agile design workflows that use the right tools to make the most complicated stuff beautifully simple. By functioning as a collective, rather than a traditional agency, we can provide full stack support exactly when and where you need it.

Good design
as a tool for good

We love working on projects that we believe in. From mental health management to accessible diagnostics, we help positive people push boundaries and create real change for real people.

We embrace a show,
don't tell design approach

We know that seeing is believing. We use the latest visual design and prototyping tools to design and build at break neck speed. This allows us to iterate rapidly, respond to user feedback and create agile products that are always evolving and designed to scale.

Founded by a
complete nerd

We were founded by a guy named Steve - a poet and Figma fanboy. One of his fondest childhood memories is geeking out with his Dad making custom user interfaces for a windows mobile XDA, and over a decade and a half later he's still making stuff for screens. He works with a collective of creative folk to provide full service digital and creative support to start-ups and SMEs.

why work with us?

Design Focus

By developing visually we are able to put more time into design and iteration than traditional agencies.

Iterate, Grow

Even if you don't know what your final product might look like, we can help you build a scalable product or website that evolves as you grow.


We work with our clients to develop and design solutions that achieve their key goals.

Our (practical) Values


We work as part of our client's creative team. Because when you work together and communicate clearly, great things happen.


As a visual development agency we deliver changes and updated versions rapidly. We show our working so our clients have access to the variety and the results they need.


Our designs aren't just pretty. We start every project by understanding our clients problems and setting out how we can help them achieve their goals. Each decision we make is then aligned to these goals.


We are constantly striving to offer creative, unique solutions to our clients design challenges.


The tools we use to design and build are visual. This lets us consider design from day one and keep our clients in the loop from prototype to launch.


We work on projects that we believe in. Our mission is to help innovative companies create positive change in the world.

Find out more about how we work

So who exactly are we?

Meet the collective

Creative Director
Will talk about visual development tools for hours. Like, literally hours.
Branding & Product Design
Product design champion and e-sports brand and strategy veteran.
Back & Front End Coder
A Webflow and coding ninja from the back to the front (end).
Marketing & Copywriting
Creative thinker. Painter of many many mountains.
House plant expert and environmentally focused arts educator.

What our clients say:

“Working with the Hyper Modern team was an honest pleasure. Steve approached our work like a true partner. They delivered exceptional work, transparently and collaboratively. I looked forward to our meetings together, because they felt a bit like Christmas... You'd always be surprised and pleased with the work that they delivered.”

- Michael Evans, co-founder, Before Labs

“It was great working with Steve, we worked on a platform that needed an extra stretch and he was keen to explore the best options for us as we worked collaboratively to finish the project, exchanging valuable insights and knowledge.”

- Omran Al Habbal, CEO Gladington

"Steve was efficient and effective and really made us think about what we do and what our clients value in us. The rebrand went well beyond a mere re-spray of the website."

- Chris Wright, CEO LCWW