We are a small & mighty design agency on a mission to help innovative businesses make a positive impact

We believe that there is a better way to design and build for the modern web. We combine visual development with agile practices so that we can spend more time designing and less time coding. We combine cutting edge tools with a content first approach to deliver unbelievable quality at break-neck speed. Forget the dull, the slow, the old, we are Hyper Modern, and we are for the bold.

our core beliefs

Copy is King

We always start with words. By working closely with our clients we help them articulate their vision and tell their story.

Design First

We don't do templates. Everything we make is a 100% custom design, tailor made to achieve your goals.


We give you full access to our design process and are open and clear about our pricing, progress and practises.

why work with us?

Design Focus

By developing visually we are able to put more time into design and iteration than traditional agencies.

Iterate, Grow

Even if you don't know what your final product might look like, we can help you build a scalable product or website that evolves as you grow.


We work with our clients to develop and design solutions that achieve their key goals.

Steve Wright


I am a digital designer and poet who loves working at the intersection of language and technology. I help innovative companies articulate their uniqueness, tell their stories and build their brands. I embrace visual development as a working philosophy that promotes speed and iterative design resulting in faster builds and more strategic designs. My clients have included Penguin, LG and Innovate UK.

I work with a collective of designers, illustrators and strategic thinkers to create impactful design for a wide range of clients.

Our (practical) Values


We work as part of our client's creative team. Because when you work together and communicate clearly, great things happen.


As a visual development agency we deliver changes and updated versions rapidly. We show our working so our clients have access to the variety and the results they need.


Our designs aren't just pretty. We start every project by understanding our clients problems and setting out how we can help them achieve their goals. Each decision we make is then aligned to these goals.


We are constantly striving to offer creative, unique solutions to our clients design challenges.


The tools we use to design and build are visual. This lets us consider design from day one and keep our clients in the loop from prototype to launch.


We work on projects that we believe in. Our mission is to help innovative companies create positive change in the world.

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What our clients say:

“Working with the Hyper Modern team was an honest pleasure. Steve approached our work like a true partner. They delivered exceptional work, transparently and collaboratively. I looked forward to our meetings together, because they felt a bit like Christmas... You'd always be surprised and pleased with the work that they delivered.”

- Michael Evans, co-founder, Before Labs

“It was great working with Steve, we worked on a platform that needed an extra stretch and he was keen to explore the best options for us as we worked collaboratively to finish the project, exchanging valuable insights and knowledge.”

- Omran Al Habbal, CEO Gladington

"Steve was efficient and effective and really made us think about what we do and what our clients value in us. The rebrand went well beyond a mere re-spray of the website."

- Chris Wright, CEO LCWW